About Me

I started to develop an interest in photography in 2006 when I was given my first camera for my birthday. I immediately took to it and went nuts taking pictures of everything I could find with no comprehension of the basic rules of photography. Over time I developed a keen eye for composition and gained more awareness of how I was taking my pictures and how to frame the image to create interest.

In 2008 I enrolled a photography course at Aberdeen college. This was when I started to learn about the relatively short, but none-the-less, rich history of photography and acquired a new respect for the medium. Prior to this I had my own mind-set and would typically take landscapes. My tutors imparted on me the technical background, image management, and an understanding of what makes a picture distinctive. In late may 2012 I graduated with an HND in photography.

I now take photographs for leisure and in a semi-professional capacity. My favourite type of recreational photography is abstract and street photography. I love unusual patterns and shapes in the natural landscape or in an urban setting. I have sold some of these images to people who want to be reminded of the scottish countryside or coastline. I try to keep the image as natural as possible without too much processing.

I have hosted exhibitions to raise funds for the Grampian Autistic Society in a number of Aberdeen locations, including John Lewis. I have also been commissioned to act as an informal photographer for a number of weddings. Having set up Forbes&Franks photographer for a number of weddings. I am now looking forward to working for clients to immortalise their memories of events such as weddings and anniversaries, or to capture images of their favourite places at home or in the Scottish countryside .

Alex Gray